4 Of The Best Exotic International KiteSurfing Beaches

There is nothing like kite-surfing, but not all destinations are created equal. If you enjoy kite-surfing, then you should know where the best exotic international kitesurfing beaches are. Below are some of the best kite beaches in the world, as well as information about what makes them great places to visit for kite-surfing.

4. Boracay, Philippines-

The best kitesurfing beaches are found in Boracay in the Philippines. Tourists love flocking to the small island because of its white sandy beaches. People also flock there for the kite-surfing opportunities. If you are a fan of kite-surfing, then this is the place to do it.

There are not shortages of beachfront accommodations, means you have plenty of places to stay and relax. Then there is the windier side of the island, which is where you can enjoy kite-surfing. The winter months is when the windy season is, which is the ideal time of the year to go to Boracay, but don’t worry because the weather is fantastic during those months. Plus, you’ll be surrounded by great people, as the natives are friendly and the nightlife is lively.

3. Maui, Hawaii-

We all know that Hawaii is one of the most tropical locations in the world. It’s known for its amazing scenery, volcanoes and beaches. However, there’s one island that stands out in Hawaii, and that is Maui.

One of the reasons why Maui is the perfect place for kite-surfing are the trade winds, which are steady all year-round. If you want to go when the winds are at their strongest, then go during the spring or summertime, but go in the winter if you want to experience some of the enormous waves you’ve ever seen. There’s a lot of space for people who enjoy kite-surfing, but there are other activities you can do, such as snorkeling, swimming or just lounging on the various beaches. If you have never been to Maui, then you’re missing out, especially because of the kite-surfing opportunities that will be here.

2. Nabq, Egypt-

Nabq is a great exotic location, and it’s one of the best places for kite-surfing. They’re steady winds, and the water is always beautiful. After you do some kite-surfing, you can stay at one of the chic resorts in the area, or you can stay in some of the backpacker accommodations located there. If you enjoy warm weather, gorgeous scenery, and fabulous beaches. You’ll want to visit Nabq as soon as possible, but let’s not forget that Nabq is one of the most affordable places to find accommodation, so feel free to stay for an extended period of time and enjoy all the kite-surfing you can handle.

1. Uruaú & Barra Nova, Kiteboarding Flat Lagoons!

For different kitesurfing experiences, you must visit Uruaú and Barra Nova Brazil. Flat water, shallow lagoons, to kite on almost abanded seas.

Unlike other points south of Fortaleza, the area is greener so that the wind can be less intense, then the kite spots north to Fortaleza. Take your bigger kites with you for the flat lagoons, and you can use a 9m kite and for the open sea size 12m is probably the best. The lake in this area is like creamy butter sweet and flat, shallow and way less crowded, so it’s perfect kite spot for beginners to intermediate and freestyle kitesurfing. Keep in mind that most of the lagoons in this area are kite-surfable only during high tide, because they are quite shallow. Check the ocean tide tables when you plan your trip here. There are local hotel options to stay at the beach in Uruau. Zebra Beach is a highly unique and fantastic location ocean front and right on the sand also right next to a fresh water lake. The number one hotel in the area. There are several kitesurfing facilities and kite schools located in Uruaú and Barra Nova.

Uruau and Barra Nova Kitesurfing facts:

Kite spots: lagoons, rivers, and open ocean.
Best Season: August thru January
Wind: Stay Consistent 16-20 knots
Wind Direction: Variable side to on shore
Best: Freestyle kiteboarding
Beginners: Perfect there is a lot of shallow, flat, less crowded lagoons, and mild winds.
Professional kiteboarder Hannah Whiteley riding at Uruaú – Brazil back in December of 2011.

Hannah Whiteley’s Sweet Escape from Hannah Whiteley on Vimeo.

Uruau, Nabq, Maui, and Boracay are the best exotic international kitesurfing beaches. Each location is unique and has their unique reasons why you should go. With that said, book a trip to one of the above destinations today. The sooner you travel, the sooner you can enjoy the beaches and kitesurfing.